• 2013
      • Coin-Operated Artist '13

        The Coin-Operated Artist 2013

        A new, enhanced version of the show from 2011 set for a tour around the country this Summer!

    • 2012
      • Broadstreet Illuminations

        The Broadstreet Illuminations

        A covert public performance project created for the Whitley Arts festival 2012 comprising of 7 different performances

    • 2011
      • The National OTTERY

        The National OTTERY

        A 10 year project started on 19th November 2011 and due to end, 20th November 2021. Page with full details of work to come very soon.

      • The Coin-Operated Artist

        The Coin-Operated Artist

        The first version, originally created for the Outside:Inside and Secret Garden Party 2011. There are more outings planned for the Summer of 2013.

    • 2010
      • An Intentional Recreation

        An Intentional Recreation of an Accidental Encounter

        A live experiment during which Pete attempts to recreate is first chance encounter with the word 'OTTER' while also having a deal with an increasingly frustrated and fully formed OTTER.

      • The 5 Trials of OTTER

        The 5 Trials of OTTER

        The first fully interactive game hosted by OTTER. 5 tasks with 5 riddles set-up amoungst the live music and art goings on of Whitley Arts Festival's What The Butler Saw 2010.

      • Art-Making Machine

        The Pete Montford Art-Making Machine

        Pete gives up life as we know it and transforms himself into the Art-making machine. Audience can choose a book to input into the machine to start it up and at the end they get a unique work of art to take home with them.

      • The Fictionalists

        The Fictionalists

        A mysterious group squatting the Capital building in Bracknell, known only as the 'Fictionalists' have seemingly dissapeared, leaving all of their belongings behind. Audience members can roam the scene and piece their own story together.

    • Archive
      • Bodies Without Organs

        Bodies Without Organs

        A performance and installation as part of the group show with the same title. A dark and atmospheric piece, the audience were given torches as they entered so they may perceive the figure within.

      • A MAG Story

        A MAG Story

        An incredible story accompanied by a remarkable 'brewing' machine is uncovered at the Butler Pub, Reading. The true nature behind the weekly MAG meetings that have been held at the pub for many years is revealed.

      • Moondog Animation

        The Moondog Installation and Animation

        The spirit of the avant-garde jazz composer Moondog, has visited the cafe bearing the same name and set a curse upon the place until the owner recognises the name's one true owner. An installation and animation telling the whole story.

      • Diary of a Separation

        Diary of a Separation in 2009

        An installation in 2 parts with an acccompanying video that shows the dramatic switch between the two. The work symbolically tells the story of a man attempting to separate his mind from his body.

      • RETTO


        An extrordinary event, believed to be of religious significance, explodes in the TOBI spur of Reading University. The organisation known as RETTO, are brought in to examine the evidence. Their report shows some truly remarkable findings.

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Welcome to the online home of artist, Pete Montford's creations. He now works through the company OTTER Produces so for the latest news and creations visit

Pete Montford is the Coin-Operated Artist. An interactive puzzle style performance and installation, the Coin-Operated Artist includes two black and white striped host and a memory game with prizes for all the winners! Proposal and images here

The team had a great festival season in 2013 and look set to be an even bigger one in 2014. Here at just some of the festivals and events that the team have appeared at so far...